A model has recently come forward with a negative experience with Dolls Kill. This model is not the first model to report a bad experience with dolls kill. If you go through this blog you will see this story from a previous model who worked for Dolls Kill.

On Twitter, bionicbeaut a beautiful disabled influencer came forward and said that Dolls Kill had once reached out to her and offered her a partnership, only to take the partnership back when they discovered that she uses a wheelchair.

Someone who saw bionicbeaut’s Tweets decided to personally message Dolls Kill expressing their disappointment in Dolls Kill over Their treatment of bionicbeaut and Dolls Kill responded by saying that they had never communicated with or heard of bionicbeaut, essentially calling her a liar.

This is clearly a lie as there is bionicbeaut provided screenshots proving that they had indeed reached out to her to offer her a partnership so they do know who she is and have communicated with her.

Here are emails from Dolls Kill to bionicbeaut

bionicbeaut responded to the email with her size and told them that she is in a wheelchair and this was the response she got

It does seem weird to me that after she told them she uses a wheelchair they suddenly had already filled all of the positions for the campaign. If they were that full why did they reach out to her in the first place? This is where it gets interesting, bionicbeaut said in her Tweet after Dolls Kill told her that all positions for the campaign were filled a friend of hers came forward and told her that Dolls Kill had reached out to her to be in the campaign.

Soon after bionicbeaut came forward with her experience with Dolls Kill her Twitter account was suspended, it seems that Dolls Kill and Their supporters mass reported bionicbeaut’s Twitter in an attempt to silence her.

bionicbeaut had to make a new account on Twitter to explain what had happened. According to her the only way to access her Twitter account was to delete the Tweets she made about Dolls Kill.

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