It has been brought to my attention in the comments section that “Suicidal Tendencies” is actually the name of a band, I was unaware of this when I made this post so I would like to apologise for this post, I was going to delete it but figured I should first respond to your comments and post this notice to apologise for this post, I usually do my research and obviously I have failed to do so this time so once again I apologise and thank you everyone for letting me know.



21 thoughts on “UPDATE 2 YEARS LATER

  1. while i’m not arguing with the many issues this company has that’s actually a reprint of a band’s tee-shirt. the band Suicidal Tendencies is a thrash metal hardcore punk band that was really big in the 80’s and early 90’s.


  2. I noticed Valfre is selling clothes on dollskill, and after reading your blog I obviously really don’t want to buy from dollskill. So now I just don’t know if it’s shady they’re even supporting dollskill, or if they just didn’t know and are fine as a company on their own. Basically, what do you think about buying from Valfre?


    1. I personally have never heard of anything shade regarding Valfre myself so my guess is that they are unaware about Dolls Kill’s shady business practices and lack of ethics. Unless Valfre themselves are engaging in shady business practices I would say that buying from them is fine but ultimately wether or not you choose to purchase from them is up to you 🙂


    1. As I said to the commenter below you I have been made aware of that by several people in the comments section and updated my post, other people however choose to inform me without name calling and using foul language


  3. Dude, this is an old school punk band. Just proves that everyone who shops this line are posers who just jumped on this type of style’s bandwagon.


    1. I have received several comments which have informed me that Suicidal Tendencies is in face a band, however I am not sure what you mean about “everyone who shops this line are posers who just jumped on this type of style’s bandwagon” as I do not shop from Dolls Kill


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