Only two months after being called out for stocking clothing from a company that used artist Bei Badgirl’s stolen artwork, Dolls Kill have begun selling more stolen designs, this time from indepent designer Marialia.


A friend of Marialia’s posted these three photos to Instagram

This image shows that Marialia sent line sheets of her swimsuit design last year to Dolls Kill, who were also at one point stocking Marialia’s clothing, though the brand is no longer on the site (hmm wonder why). This right here proves that Dolls Kill knew last year about Marialia’s swimsuit design so they cannot claim that they didn’t know this design was stolen from Marialia. I also find it quite insulting that they rejected Marialia’s design yet eight months later decided to stock a knock off.


The text at the bottom of this image is what Marialia’s friend had to say about Dolls Kill stocking a knockoff of Marialia’s swimsuit



When I saw this i was disgusted, that after the whole fiasco with Bei Bagirl, Nikki Lipstick, Gitsie Wood and Dolls Kill only 2 months ago that Dolls Kill were still stocking brands that knockoff other artists and designers work and profitting from it, so I reposted the above photo to my Instagram. In the caption I explained that Dolls Kill were knowingly stocking an item of clothing from a company that had plagarised another designers idea, I also briefly went into what happened with Bei Badgirl and her friends. Now my Instagram isn’t very big i have under 200 followers and i am in no way a well known person with a big audience or influence so imagine my suprise when the next day I went onto Instagram and saw that the owner of Dolls Kill Shoddy Lynn had commented on the post.

This is the comment Shoddy Lynn left on my Instagram and my response to her


I actually was very amused by this, Shoddy Lynn has just proven that she often checks out the Boycott Dolls Kill hastag on Instagram, because how else would she have seen this post? I didn’t tag her or Dolls Kill in the photo only used the Boycott Dolls Kill hastag, I also didn’t use the actual Dolls Kill hashtag and like I mentioned I’m not some internet celebrity with millions of followers and a big influencer, I am just a random person with under 200 followers so the only way she could have seen it would be to have gone through the Boycott Dolls Kill hastag which i find pathetic. How as a business owner does she have time to be going through hastags on Instagram to see if anyone is saying anything negative about her or her company? she really should be using that time to run her business with integrity and making sure the brands she stocks aren’t stealing from other artists or designers.

Ok so you see the part of Shoddy Lynn’s comment highlight in red?  decided to investigate her claim that Minimale Animale made this swimsuit in 2014.

This is a screenshot taken from Minimale Animale’s offical website showing the swimsuit5

As you can see in the screenshot, the swimsuit is in the Resort 2016 category, if this swimsuit was made in 2014 then why is it placed in a category for 2016? also notice how the name does not mention Rihanna? the name of the swimsuit on Dolls Kill’s website doesn’t either, if the swimsuit was inspired by a swimsuit Rihanna wore why does the name not mention that?

This is a recent catalog from Dolls Kill advertising the swimsuit, why advertise a 2 year old swimsuit?


The description of the swmsuit on Miminale Animale’s site doesn’t mention Rihanna anywhere


The description of the swmsuit on  Dolls Kill’s site doesn’t mention Rihanna anywhere


So to conclude this is what I discovered about Shoddy Lynn’s claims

On Minimale Animale’s website the swimsuit is under the category “Resort 2016”, no where does it mention ever being produced before that and Dolls Kill’s website doesn’t mention the date that it was made anywhere. Dolls Kill recently began promoting this swimsuit which doesn’t make sense why promote a 2 year old design? this swimsuit appears to be fairy new on both Dolls Kill and the Minimale Animale website.

Yes Rihanna wore this kind of swimsuit in 2014, However nowhere on Dolls Kill’s or Minimale Animale’s website does it mention anything about Rihanna anywhere in relation to this swimsuit and as previously mentioned this swimsuit appears to have only appeared as of April this year.

A close up comparison photo between Marialia’s swimsuit and Minimale Animale’s sold through Dolls Kill





  1. Why is the fact that they don’t mention Rhianna so important? Clothing retailers take inspiration from celebrities frequently, and things are not necessarily captioned as such. Not saying that they did not steal this design, I have no idea. And I did find the response by the owner petty and unprofessional. But this particular post mostly served to illustrate that both Dolls Kill and Marialia were copying Rhianna.


    1. Also, it seems to me pretty reasonable for a brand to actively monitor bad press online. Such things could have potential impact on their profits and image. They should get someone more skilled at social media to manage their responses, though,


    2. It is important because Lynn came onto my page and said it was a recreation of a swimsuit Rihanna wore to try and deny the claims that the swimsuit was a rip off of Marialia. As shown in this post Marialia had sent in line sheets of the swimsuit to Dolls Kill a year before the Minimale Animale swimsuit had been invented so they had to have known this was a copy of her design but they decided to stock it anyway


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