Well well, look what made it onto Dailymail.


Sugarpill’s clothing the same brand that stole one of Bei BadGirl’s artwork for one of their jumpers, also put out a Tshirt which says “Dead girls can’t say no.” I personally find this absolutely appalling of them to put out a shirt like this to try and be “edgy”. There is nothing edgy about rape, rape is a devastating crime that ruins lives. I’m sure victims of rape would not at all be happy that this disgusting company is profiting off such a horrible tragic thing.

Here is Bei BadGirl calling out Dolls Kill and Sugarpill’s clothing for this appalling tshirt.


Dolls Kill are also responsible for this why? because Dolls Kill know that this brand is shady and unethical, they know that they steal artwork to use for prints on their clothing and they know they promote rape culture but still choose to support this company. Not only that Dolls Kill made the choice to stock this disgusting Tshirt and the jumper using Bei BadGirl’s artwork. The other thing is Dolls Kill get a cut of the profits from the clothes they sell, so they to are profiting from this tshirt which is completely  sick and wrong.

If you want to read the full article on Dailymail, here is the link


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