I would like to start off this blog with a little introduction. I used to be a fan and a supporter of the online retailer Dolls Kill and have purchased things from them. About two nights ago it came to my attention that Dolls Kill, had begun to stock a jumper from a brand called Sugarpill’s that had a print on it of one of Bei Badgirl’s artworks. The company did not seek permission from Bei Badgirl to use her artwork on their jumper nor did they offer her compensation, they didn’t even give her credit. Bei Badgirl and many others have contacted Dolls Kill to inform them of this and ask them to stop stocking this jumper, however Dolls Kill have ignored customer complaints and blocked anyone who has spoken out about this from their social media accounts. This incident opened up a whole can of worms. Apparently this is far from Dolls Kill’s first shady offense. It has since come out that they have sold many other items on their website which use stolen artwork, refused to pay one of their models because she was black, made fun of and were rude to plus size model’s that they hired to model their plus size range, and much more.

I myself emailed Dolls Kill about the Bei Badgirl incident and they are yet to respond to me, however in the past when I had a problem with an order they responded to me immediately. I am no longer a supporter of this company and regret ever supporting them in the first place. I have started this blog to inform people before purchasing from Dolls Kill about their scandals and business ethics as Dolls Kill go out of their way to hide  all of this. This is NOT! a hate page and anyone harassing or bullying anyone be it Dolls Kill, their supporters or fellow boycotters will be blocked. I respect anyone who decides they want to remain customers from Dolls Kill, that is their choice but I will continue this blog until Dolls Kill own up to their shady behavior.


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