This is the email that I sent to Dolls Kill regarding the jumper they had on their website which used one of Bei Badgirl’s artworks as a print without permission, giving credit or compensation.


Like I said I never got a reply from them about this, so imagine how surprised I was when just yesterday they sent me this.


So they don’t have time to answer genuine customer concerns regarding selling tshirts from companies that have stolen someones artwork and used it as the print, but they have plenty of time to email their customers about sales on their website? what a joke, no thanks Dolls Kill I think I’ll stick to ethical companies.


2 thoughts on “TIME MANAGMENT

  1. I assume you understand that the promotion email was not a personal email sent just to you.. rather an email that went out to 100s of thousands or millions of customers in one send??

    Your email to their customer service address, which requires a personal response response, likely would be responded to in 3-8 business days (according to average ecommerce customer service response time data).


    1. I am well aware that this email would have been sent to everyone on their mailing list, however someone had to create the email and then send it to everyone on their mailing list. Also it takes time to organised a promotion and the fact that this promotion came right after they were called out for selling products from companies using stolen artwork seems fishy to me. To this day I still have not received a response from them.


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