Dolls Kill are now going to extreme levels to try and silence anyone from speaking out against them. This is harassment, defamation is  the act of making untrue statements about someone which damages their reputation, the stuff that Bei Badgirl, Nikki Lipstick and many others have said about Dolls Kill has not been untrue. Bei Badgirl really did have her artwork stolen by a company stocked by Dolls Kill.

This really shows the true colours behind those who run this company and their ethics, hiring someone to stalk and threaten someone with a lawsuit for simply speaking out against having their artwork stolen. Noone should be stalked, harassed or threatened into silence that is just plain wrong.


I noticed that the posts Bei Badgirl had about Dolls Kill on her Instagram are now gone. I’m guessing the post that was deleted was one of the posts where she called out Dolls Kill, as for the rest of them I’m not sure of seems maybe Bei took them down due to the harassment and legal threats she was receiving. I’m not saying Dolls Kill hacked her account because there is no evidence of that so I don’t actually know who did, I will however say that I find it weird that Bei Badgirl’s account was hacked during the exact time she was calling out Dolls Kill and that the hacker deleted a post. Again I’m not accusing them of this.




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