About two days ago now, Dolls Kill added some new clothing and accessories to their online store, one of the items of clothing added was this Jumper from Sugarpill’s clothing.

1.jpg It didn’t take long for people including Bei Badgirl to notice that the print of this jumper was a complete knock off, off one of her artworks.


As you can see, Sugarpill’s clothing removed the Badgirl logo from the bottom right corner and replaced it with “rich bitch”, there are some other details that were changed, but overall the print on the jumper is still close enough to Bei Badgirl’s artwork to be considered a knock off.

When BeiBagirl saw this she complained about it on her social media accounts


Her complaints however, were ignored by both Sugarpill’s Clothing and Dolls Kill, so she then emailed Dolls Kill about this and also encouraged others to do the same, to inform Dolls Kill that this jumper they were stocking contained stolen artwork. At first I gave Dolls Kill the benefit of the doubt, I have ordered from them before and have always had very good customer service and the products I bought from them were good quality, I had never known them to be shady so I like quite a few others thought that they may not have known.

I emailed them, and got told one of them would get back to me but I am yet to here a reply from them, which I find weird because I once emailed them and they emailed me back immediately so it seems like they are trying to avoid addressing this incident.

Soon after this incident it came out that Bei Badgirl, was not the only independent artist to have been ripped off by a clothing company that has been stocked by Dolls Kills, Nikki Lipstick and Gitsie Wood along with countless others, have had their artwork and designs ripped off by other companies and sold through Dolls Kill.

A clothing store stocked by Dolls Kill called Bone Idol, has ripped off quite a few independent designers and artists and here below you will see evidence of that.





Now I know what you may be thinking “how is this Dolls Kill’s fault? they didn’t steal the designs.” While Dolls Kill themselves may not have stolen these designs, they are supporting companies that plagiarize, it is their responsibility to ensure that the brand is not stealing their designs from other other designers or artists before they stock items from that brand, and they aren’t doing that but even worse when people try to tell them about these companies they ignore people making them partially responsible for selling stolen art. They profit from the companies they stock as well as the companies so they too profit from these stolen designs.

Bei Badgirl, Nikki Lipstick and Gitsie Wood have all been blocked from Dolls Kill, so instead of addressing and fixing this incident they have decided to block the artists who have had their work stolen and continue to do business with shady companies that plagiarize.


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